6 Hour Round Table – Luciferianism, Kabbalah and Brave New World – Jack Blood, Dennis Fetcho, Popeye, Chris Everard >>


AIRED: 08-20-2011

In the first and second hour we welcome we discuss hermetic quaballah, numerology, luciferianism and Crowley. When the guest mentions he is a Luciferian, Christopher Everard joins the discussion – unplanned.

Scheduled after Dennis was Jack Blood but when the conversation gets heated in the Third Hour, Jack joins the round table followed by Popeye. We talk about the parallels between Luciferianism, Judeo-Christianity and discuss trauma based mind control and religious programming.

A special thanks to all of the great guests who surely made this a broadcast that will go down in history, similar to the New World Order – A to Z 6 hour round table.


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