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AIRED: 08-11-2015

–The Ferguson One Year Anniversary Spectacular!

–The Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly catfight

–Why I don’t want a “unifier” to become President

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A milestone has been passed in America–and not a pleasant one. With the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise, the Democratic Party officially crossed the line from “crazy political party” to “Terrorist Organization”. I discuss why the time for debate is over, and why good Americans must disassociate themselves–politically and personally–from Liberals and Democrats. websit...

AIRED: 06-20-2017

Today’s show is a vertiable grab bag of greatness–among the topics, what we really learned from the Comey hearings last week, public officials finally talking some sense on Muslim Terrorism, the amazing opportunity that exists in Cable News, and Feminists getting mad because Wonder Woman isn’t a fat, black lesbian! ...

AIRED: 06-13-2017

Another week…another Muslim Terrorist attack. And I ask the question nobody else seems to ask: “Hey…shouldn’t we be doing something with a little more teeth than hashtags to, you know, stop this stuff???” I discuss some rather drastic–but sensible–ideas for putting a stop to this garbage. ...

AIRED: 06-06-2017

Today we discuss the Montana Congressional election *POW!!!*, and talk about what the election of Greg Gianforte tells us about the political realities of America today *BAM!*. Also, updates on Jared Kushner’s backchannels (relax, that’s not as bad as it sounds). Plus, a discussion of Katy Perry’s boobs (did you really think I was going...

AIRED: 05-30-2017

All this talk of impeachment, so we dedicate an entire show to it today. Has President Trump done anything to warrant impeachment considerations, or is this just a witch hunt? What if any of the accusations are true, will Trump’s supporters (myself included) stick with him? And how does this era compare to other witch...

AIRED: 05-23-2017

Bill Maher recently made the case that Democrats should tell the American people, “Your either with us, or your with Russia!” I suspect that if this happened, Maher and many other Democrats would be shocked at the choice many of us in Flyover America would make. Also, a recent study shows health benefits from having...

AIRED: 05-16-2017