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AIRED: 11-20-2016

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can only help me.

If you pick and choose your words carefully, you can build movements, businesses, even empires. But pick the wrong words, and you can stay stuck in the mud while the world moves on without you.

If somebody else picks and chooses the words you can use, they can mentally enslave you. More than one dystopian masterpiece has laid this out for us.

Words are power.

The more you know, the more power you have. The better you become at choosing your words, the more your power matters.

As an activist and an advertiser, I know the true power of words. And by listening to this episode, you will too.

You’ll discover:

the magical origins of spelling

why censorship is so dangerous

the true power of insider lingo

how i turn words into money

and 6 useful editing tips for writing more persuasive sales copy.

This one will blow your mind and expand your sphere of influence.

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