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AIRED: 01-15-2017

Episode Number 51

Welcome to anpren, the nathan fraser show,
dedicated to self ownership and business ownership.
to helping you byoboss, politically and professionally
Im nathan fraser, you are the fms,,
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Psychological things that make people tick, what motivates them to do the things they do.
We’ll explore it from a political viewpoint.
Then I’ll get a little introspective.
Then we’ll look at how this knowledge can help you in your marketing.

Segment 1.
I went from rappin bout chemtrails and Gitmo Bay
To rappin bout how business owners can get mo pay
But for these statist fools we need tools to defeat em.
LiveFreeFM, focus on freedom.

Watching Ben Shapiro video, campus kids start protesting. one says “this is how it starts.”
It got me thinking about how black and white the world is portrayed, you’re the hero, their the villian.
World isn’t a comic book, but most world views simplify it to that.

Us vs them.
These kids have been sold a world view, where they are the hero’s, protecting the world from fascist right wingers.
That’s why you see all this “death camps for trans people” claims about trump.
These SJW kids don’t see themselves as enemies of free speech, they see themselves as enemies of hate speech, and what they’ve been told free speech will lead to.
Same thing goes for alt-right or anti sjw, they feel like they’re protecting freedom of speech. they’re not out to invalidate someones existence.

Political movements can suck up a lot of time, energy and money from people.
Spend days out marching, give money bomb donations of millions of dollars, constant fighting on facebook.
Huge investments made by the true believers of these causes.
Usually for nothing or misguided ends
Occupy wallstreet is a great example.

I think most of them are well meaning idiots, usefull idiots, pawns.
But, the people at the top of these movements get a lot out of them.
From big players like george soros who get to effect political change and gain more political control over the world.
to educators who get to push their ideals out into the world feel like puppet masters over their students.
Even if they believe in the cause, power over the minds and actions is addictive.

And we, the freedom loving community, are not immune.
In fact, I see some of the criticism waged against us as legit.

So, let’s look at lower levels, and reactions to police.
We see them as policy enforcers, stealing money and violating peoples rights, and arresting over victimless crimes.
While all of these things happen, that’s only one side of the story.
Some are just getting back, some are bullies. But some are people who really want to help, and think that’s what they are doing.
They see what drugs do to people, they see what not wearing a seatbelt does in an accident.
They think the best way to help is to enforce these laws because they don’t see them as victimless, the way we do.
And they haven’t looked at the unintended consequences of their solutions the way we have.
They do a lot of bad, and the rest easy at night. Not because they are evil, but because they see themselves as hero’s.

Hitler said he could get people to do the most horrific things to others, merely by giving them medals and praise.
In fact, I would say that all governments exploit this with their militarys, to one degree or another.

Now, say you’re a titan of industry, or a politician. The people we often refer to as the elite.
You see how most people don’t make good financial decisions, and end up being poor because of it.
You see how most people make bad health choices.
You see how many of them treat each other like shit.
You see the petty shit they obsess over.
And you start to feel like you’re better than they are, because you have elevated past the petty things that occupy their time and lives.
So, you start to feel obligated to run their lives, and the resources of the planet.
After all, you see the big picture, and they’re all arguing over what color some stupid dress on the Internet is.
So, you meet in secrets with your friends, you make plans, and you try to save humanity form themselves.
Do you do this because you see yourself as a bad guy, or as a hero?

Not defending them, and I’m betting some of the evil stuff like pizza gate and spirit cooking is actually real.
Are there real psychopaths out there? yes.
I’m just saying that the world is not as black and white as most of us see it.
Most of us see ourselves as the good guy. And truly evil people can use that sense of heroism to manipulate good people into doing horrible things.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Segment 2.
I’m not a guru. I’m not an activist.
I’m just an entrepreneur and an anarchist
Trying to be a leader and deal with haters man.
Welcome to my life, this is Nathan Fraser land.

Not much going on, that I can really spill the beans on.
I got a bad tooth ache, that’s lame.
As far as business goes, I’ve got two webinars that I’m working on.
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With so much focus on the newest bright shiny object, it can be overwhelming.
So i’m doing a back to basics business webinar.
Get the foundation right, and the decorations will actually matter.
Build on quicksand, and it doesn’t matter how many business apps and hacks you use, it will sink.
So, learn the foundations in this new course. Go to FMS dot com

Segment 3.
For my free-market squad members out on the grind.
You Gotta Be Your Own Boss, you can’t just fall into line.
You gotta have a free mind and hope for the future.
You gotta be the free market, Anarcho-Preneur.

People buy for two main reasons, to solve a problem, or to feel better about themselves.
So, if what you’re selling doesn’t solve a problem, you better learn how it can make somebody feel better about themselves.
If it can do both, even better.

Most all copywriting these days is about addressing the problem that your product or service solves.
I wanted to take some time and focus on how to sell to the other need, to feel better about yourself.

When you’re selling high heels, lipstick, lingerie, you’re selling how sex she will look and how valuable she’ll seem to whoever she’s trying to attract.
When you’re selling sports cars or luxury watches, you’re selling how valuable he’ll look to who he’s trying to attract.

all people want to feel important. That their life has meaning. to feel that others value them
Maybe this goes back to tribal times, when the elders where valuable for their knowledge,
the young men were valuable for their strength, and the young women were valuable for their ability to grow the tribe.
A common fear would be that if you could not provide these vital parts of communal life, you would be left behind.

People want to feel appreciated.
Big cause of divorce is not feeling appreciated.
Make them feel like they’re part of something important, and they’ll give you their time and energy.

Most people don’t give or get enough appreciation,
Customer complaints vs compliments.
Same from a boss at work or a spouse at home.
If you think about it, you probably don’t give as many compliments as you give criticism.
I know it’s something I challenge myself to do, but I’m not perfect.

Make sure not just an appeal to flattery.
But sincere appreciation should be shown.
Look for reasons to thank and praise people.
It makes people like being around you. It makes them feel better about themselves,
and it makes you more concious of the things you should be gratefull for.
It makes the world a better place, because that which you feed your energy, grows.

Benjamin Franklin effect, ask people to do something small for you and show them that you appreciate it.
He would ask to borrow a book from a rival. Then read it, give it back, and tell them how much it meant to him.
This will feed their own sense of self importance.
It makes them feel as if they are valuable to you, and they will consider that before doing something that will diminish that perceived value.

Add in the effects of consistency bias,
People want to appear consistent, to you, and to themselves.
Some don’t mind breaking their word, but they hate breaking their own compass.
If they believe themselves to be one thing, they will do what they can to keep seeing themselves in that light.
If you get them to do a small favor, they will likely do a larger request, just to stay constant.
It kinda falls into the realm of the sunk cost fallacy, but that’s a whole nother show.

Two examples of how this works
In pledge drives, let them know that they are part of the cause. That they are important to it thriving.
Acknowledge how their actions in the past have proven this.
Let them know how their actions in the future can prove it. ie what you want them to do.
I wrote an ad campaign for a radio network based off of this approach, and monetary support went up 23% in one week, and has held steady.

Same thing with landing pages, front end sales, and back end sales.
I opted in, proving that I want to get what you have to offer.
I trusted you enough to give you my time and email.
Now you offer me the opportunity to prove it by purchasing this tripwire product.
I like what I got from the opt-in, so I assume the next experience will be consistent, as will I.
I buy the tripwire offer, and you have an upsell for $199.
Do I prove that I’m serious about my desires? Do I prove I’m consistent?
Did you make me feel appreciated along the way?
Did purchasing your tripwire make me feel better about myself?
If so, I’m making that purchase.

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