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AIRED: 02-19-2017

8 Skills to Pay the Bills

Learn how to sell, and learn to love it
get over your fear of or hang-ups about selling
selling is the fuel of your business
if you have something of value, you have an obligation to sell it
no matter what your business, you are in sales.

Calm in storm
entrepreneurship is hectic. it requires a team having faith in you
it requires customers having faith in you
if you lose your shit at every turn, no faith
The strong, calm man is always loved and revered. He is like a shade-giving tree in a thirsty land, or a sheltering rock in a storm.

Seek to add value
success isn’t about taking, it’s about giving.
if the market doesn’t find what you do valuable, they won’t reward you.
the days of snake oil salesman are long gone.
even if you find a g-r-q scheme, you will be outed, short money

Play to your strengths, delegate else
often we want to take on everything.
want to improve our weak points
better to hand those off to someone who does them well and enjoys
you can focus on what you do best

Be impatient to start, patient to finish
most people do the opposite
they sit around, dreaming and scheming, and if they take action, they give up before they can hit their stride

Don’t wait for all green lights
have an idea of where you’re going, but don’t wait
don’t build out your whole funnel and then realize your first landing page won’t convert
minimum viable product

Put the cart before the horse
don’t fake it till you make it.
but you do have to go outside you’r comfort zone
say yes, and then figure it out.
(caveat, only say yes if it’s a hell yes, opportunity mindset vs investment mindset)

Accept payment
don’t be shy about asking to get paid.
don’t lose confidence when asking for the sale
don’t undervalue yourself

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