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AIRED: 02-26-2017

First, we’re gonna look at the relationship between government and citizens
Then, I’m gonna let you in on a little bit of what’s going on in Nathan Fraser Land
And lastly, we’ll be looking at how relationship advise parallels business advise

What is a state and citizen?
how is that contract broken?
Why do we still accept the relationship, even though we know it’s based on lies?
Most people don’t want to be free.
they want to be told what to do, to avoid personal responsibility and choice.
They want 3 step methods
The only freedom they want is to say know, but since they won’t allow others that right, they lose it themselves.
Battered voter syndrome?
rather suffer the familiar than brave the unknown.
rather be abused than be alone.
rather have fake sense of security than uncertainty of defending self.
rather be stuck in a dysfunctional abusive relationship than be free and single.

Recorded two new episodes of copywriters podcast.
writing some new posts for blastoff blog.
launch new service, and new courses throughout the year.

Story about email list.

Warning, non gender neutral, figure out for self, or get offended.

How to develop relationships with customers
You don’t want to go from nice to meet you too let’s get married in one step.

Don’t be self-absorbed. Make your marketing about the other person.

You’re not a good fit for everyone, target market.

Make sure you know what sets you apart, usp, desirable difference.

Bigger commitments need more nurturing and longer sales copy.

Multiple touch touchpoints create familiarity. But don’t be creepy.

Desperation is revolting.

Confidence is key.

Strike balance between feeling heard and being led. Alpha and beta male. Listen to market, but don’t ask a deer how it wants to be hunted.

Love or hate, but not indifferent.

Cover how to walk through steps with customers from lead to purchase to retention.

Introduction, get to know each other in non committal way. Content, blog, youtube, podcast, etc.

Give your Contact info, subscribe, follow etc.

Ask for theirs, email list, phone number, mailing address.

Court them, let them get know know you, email marketing, promotional mailings, Auto responders,

Get serious. Tripwire offers, rack the shotgun.

Move in. Front end offer. Commitment.

Get married, expensive back end offers. Much more Commitment and trust needed, but easy yes if all has been good up to this point.

Keep the love alive, retention marketing, follow up offers, appreciation gifts, etc.

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