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Tired of the same old news and information hyped up with fear? Well, so are we! Truth Frequency (known in the mainstream market as The Chris Geo Show)  is brought to you by veteran broadcasters Chris and Sheree Geo who take you beyond the geo-political spectrum and into topics and ideas others don't dare to touch. There is a war being waged on the physical, psychological and spiritual planes and it is important to decode today's current events by removing the blinders and widening our perception to the broader reality. Without a full understanding of every level of the grand deception, we cannot fully understand the geo-political events unfolding today, therefore it is important to harness the power of critical thought, personal sovereignty and spiritual awareness.

Fear is the mind killer.

For years we've been conditioned to believe we are weak and insignificant creatures incapable of making a change in the world and that impending doom is lurking just around the corner. This has kept us in a perpetual state of fear and through our engineered reactions we are collectively manipulated to create crises that benefit corporate and political interests at the expense of We The People. It is time to break away from these chains and truly free ourselves by reaching our full potential and realizing that the leader is staring us in the mirror every single day.

Chris & Sheree Geo break down all paradigms with analysis of current events from multiple angles while at the same time empowering the listener with the tools needed to stare down the tribulations of our time and emerge the victor. With the help of world renowned authors, speakers, teachers, film makers, actors, celebrities, political pundits and more, Chris and Sheree Geo not only leave their listeners well educated, informed and up to date but also empowered with educated perspectives and (most importantly) solutions.


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Chris Everard is an award winning British Film Director Who Also Writes Books About the Secret Space Programme, The Global Network of Secret Societies known as “The ILLUMINATI” and appears as a guest on radio and TV shows worldwide.
Chris Everard’s made-for-cinema feature length documentaries about the global network of secret societies (referred to as “The Illuminati”) are the first documentary films to go into FOUR volumes. The third volume of THE ILLUMINATI series exposes the British Royal Family’s ties to the Occult and reveals the true identity of JACK THE RIPPER.

Chris Everard ‘s films are historical documentaries, with all the information backed up by Photographs, documents, film and video footage. Chris Everard is NOT a conspiracy theorist, and challenges anyone who describes him so. Chris Everard has made 8 films - most of which have won awards - and has a global audience who visit cinemas to see his films at late shows in Washington, Las Vegas, Paris & London. Chris Everard’s films about the Antichrist, the Assassination of Princess Diana, and how Television & Radio technology was invented by scientists who were all involved with spiritualism and ceremonial magic are the only films worldwide to explore these topics.

Several times a year, Chris Everard hosts tours and expeditions, which are attended by people from all over the world. Chris Everard organises tours to sacred sites linked with the legend of the Holy Grail, Easter Island, Egypt, Catalonia, Rennes les Chateau, Avebury, Stonehenge, Houston Space Centre, Cape Canavral, AREA 51 and the former home of French occultist Doctor Nostradamus.

Four times a year, Chris Everard hosts a Documentary Film Makers’ Bootcamp, hosting intensive week-long seminars teaching people how to make made-for-cinema documentaries. It is the only film course of it’s kind in the world.

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The Number One Scientific Webcast Talk Radio for your mind. This is scientific talk radio with Brooks Agnew as your host providing insight into the mysteries of the Universe and of the Earth. In the tinkling sea of talk radio, one voice is a rising star...a Renaissance man with a powerful knowledge of science and spirituality. Heralded by millions around the world as the modern day John Galt (Atlas Shrugged). In here, the results are always positive. Please do not give up on the future of the human race yet!

Remember, Earth Explorers that YOU ARE SOURCE!

David Whitehead was born in Calgary Alberta and currently resides in the Toronto area. David is a full time Martial Arts Instructor and business owner, as well as an independent truth-seeker and researcher. He runs an alternative information website called: where he has collected information on many different topics that range from spirituality, science, comparative religion, the way of the warrior, organized criminality and conspiracy, to ufology, philosophy, politics, the environment, sovereignty, ancient civilizations and more. He also has a YouTube channel with a variety of artistic and informative videos, video blogs, and interviews which focus on our past and present situation, as well as suggestions for viable solutions for our future. The basis of David's work is founded on a sincere pursuit of truth wherever it might lead, with an emphasis on facing and conquering the fear and anxiety that often get in the way of our physical, mental and spiritual development.

April 7th - Michael Tsarion The path of the Fool Call in Show April 21st Josh Reeves April 28th - Mark Passio Cosmic Abandonment

Hosted by Joe Joseph and John King. Joe's been doing internet and terrestrial radio since 2008 and is dedicated to fighting corporate and government corruption that is running rampant in the world today. Joe is a veteran of the US Navy and still holds the oath he took very seriously.

Breaking Down the Latest News and Headlines Without the Spin!

Down the Rabbit Hole with Popeye is a journey deep into the matrix, complete with a detailed road map on not only how to survive, but how to escape as well. You’ll get an educated, informed and insightful look at a world that most don’t even know exists. You’ll hear top notch guests that know the story, with the facts to back it up. Find out why so many are tuning in to Down The Rabbit Hole.

You are the super hero that you have been waiting for to save you from all of the world's problems, as well as your own. Now get to it!

Dublin and UK activist Kevin Bull hosts Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels Show, Guest Focused Radio Platform. Guests take the 'Rebels Platform' to speak out on anything that benefit's or protects society and the world we live in... the truth movement, exposing corruption, scientific, medical, alternative medicine, legal, publishing, music, film, spiritual and much more.

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### Friday 04/18 *Best of The Week Show* Professor Frank Romano, author of the books Storm over Morocco & "Love and Terror in the Middle East, 3rd Edition. ########################################################### 04/21 *Best of The Week Show* ########################################################### Tuesday 04/22 The ‘SECRET NEWS SPECIAL’ the NEWS BEHIND the NEWS,’ with Kevin Bull ########################################################### Wednesday 04/23 ACROSS the POND ‘SECRET NEWS’ SPECIAL with James Kelly & Kevin Bull. James Kelly, author of the Sibyl Reborn, former White House spokesman on Stem Cells. ########################################################### Thursday 04/24 Alan Smith, Author of Unbreak your Health, The idea for a new, state-of-the-art reference guide to complementary and alternative therapies. ########################################################### Friday 04/25 Dr Craig Wiener, licensed Psychologist and Author of Parenting Your Child with ADHD: A No-Nonsense Guide for Nurturing Self-Reliance and Cooperation. Listeners will get a rare opportunity to gain greater insight into ADHD through Psychology.

Catch the Kev Baker show every weeknight from 11pm-midnight in the UK, 7pm-8pm EST The Kev Baker Show see's popular Youtuber TruthTube451 take to the microphone for this his all new project. Kev, joined by friends John "Whistler" Sinclair & DJsNorthWest, they are, like the listeners, on a quest for veritas in these dark times, and Kev invites everyone to join him on his nightly show to take a look at the real news behind the main stream snooze. From the NWO to the Announaki, Space To The Occult & of course the Exposure of all the Luciferiens FALSE FLAGGERY AND BALLBAGGERY, no stone will ever be left unturned on Scotlands newest podcast.

Tonight, the guys on the Kev Baker Show will be having a freaky friday! The phone lines will be open so be sure to tune in. Its ISHTAR weekend folks, and the guys will be going into just what is being celebrated this weekend. Earthquakes seem to be going off everywhere at the moments and the guys will take a look into some of that.

As a U.S. Intelligence Asset, Susan Lindauer covered anti-terrorism at the Iraqi Embassy in New York from 1996 up to the invasion. Independent sources have confirmed that she gave advance warning about the 9/11 attack. She also started talks for the Lockerbie Trial with Libyan diplomats. Shortly after requesting to testify before Congress about successful elements of Pre-War Intelligence, Lindauer became one of the first non-Arab Americans arrested on the Patriot Act as an "Iraqi Agent". She was accused of warning her second cousin, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Secretary of State Colin Powell that War with Iraq would have catastrophic consequences. Gratis of the Patriot Act, her indictment was loaded with "secret charges" and "secret evidence." She was subjected to one year in prison on Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas without a trial or hearing, and threatened with indefinite detention and forcible drugging to shut her up. After five years of indictment without a conviction or guilty plea, the Justice Department dismissed all charges five days before President Obama’s inauguration.

Lindauer has written a book Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq about her experience.

Join Susan every Friday and Saturday at 12pm Pacific time!

Joseph Ronald Banister is a former special agent of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and IRS whistleblower. Banister resigned from the IRS and later appeared on the television program "60 Minutes II" challenging the conduct of the IRS concerning legal issues with taxation. Banister's books and other material challenge the legality of some aspects of the income tax.

Join Joe Banister every Saturday at high noon, standing up to government bullies since 1999!

Welcome To G.U.N.N - Glasgow Underground News Network. Join Cip & Friends in a anything goes chat every Sunday 6-8pm UK G.U.N.N. covers all the hot topics of the day & much much more Scotland's & the world's only NO AGENDA ANYTHING GOES POD-CAST Cip's YouTube at FREEDOM NEWS HUB 2.0 Martins's Youtube Daiz's Youtube JP's Youtube

9th March who knows yet stay tuned for details

Nathan Fraser is the host of LiveFreeFM. Nathan is a radio veteran, broadcasting live on the airwaves since 2007. He has co-hosted and hosted many shows, both on the internet and on AM and FM radio. His current show, LiveFreeFM is a project aimed at spreading the philosophy of freedom and self ownership. Nathan is also an avid writer for the cause of liberty, and an activist in the cause of fighting back against the corrupt legal systems around the world. LiveFreeFM, where we have faith in each other, not in authority.

Show is set for LIVE!

Blue Collar Mystic?? Born on All Souls Day in 1961 at 10:40 and 10:45 PM in King County Washington. I have had a very interesting experience. I Know for myself that we all come into this experience with a loosely preset plan or, Destiny if you will, that will play out no matter what we think or say about it. I have become aware of the pattern and guidance in my life and have turned toward my "Destiny" or Life plan with an open mind and warm heart and have found that my joy and happiness since consciously seeking the truth of this experience has grown exponentially. I am currently still what is called a Blue Collar Worker by society. I work as a supervisor for an Ambulance manufacturer in Washington state after spending about 20 years as a Carpenter building custom homes. My change from Carpentry to Ambulance builder came due to a back injury I experienced in 1996 trying to make a lot of money fast doing the "Deadliest Catch" thing in Alaska one season. My path of awakening consciously began after being taken to the bottom in life in 1987. Strange and "superNATURAL" events began slapping me in the head to wake me up and start asking the right questions. From shadows out of the corner of my eye, disembodied voices, synchronicity, divorce, meetings with divine messengers and my house burning to the ground, I began to ask What is really going on? Who am I? What is God? And many other questions. I began reading Tarot through events that can only be described as miraculous, and realized that there WAS something going on beyond what my physical senses detected. My Life was put on a path that's natural evolution seems to be Right here, Right now, Creating this show and allowing me to learn and share what I have learned with the world. I have been working on a book that tells my story and shares what I have gleaned in this life experience in hopes that it will help at least one other soul answer questions they have and/or let them know they are not alone in this thing we call life. I do not want others to believe what I say, I want to inspire them to find the answers themselves... Ramon Almonte Born and raise in NYC now living in Japan. My earliest memory when I was around 2 to 3yrs old I had a out of body experiences. Where I saw my body and was try to get my baby bottle and my hand kept going threw the bottle. Around the age of 11 I had a teacher Miss Mints that taught us meditation.At the age 16 life gave me knee to the jaw. Getting myself in trouble with the LAW. I saw 2 paths one was dark and the other one was uplifting. Luckily I was smart enough to make the right choice. I began reading and meditating . I was always interested in extraterrestrial news. Big influence for that was my Dad and strange universe tv show. At the age of 19 I began to Co-host a collage radio show with T.o sweet called The Candy store. T.O. Sweet mentor me for many years and taught me how to look at the glass half full and how my thoughts affect my reality. In 1999 I started a Public Access Tv-Show Called Sugar High with my best friend Alex. One day my co-worker showed me a you tube video of a ufo over Haiti even thou this video is fake it open me up to looking for more futige where I discover radio shows like Coast to Coast, As you wish, X-squarer radio just to name a few. In 2009 I went to James Gilliland Eceti Ranch where I saw my 1st UFO and learned Kunlun. In the summer 2010 I went again and met Tom. Around Oct I was I ask Tom how to do a internet Radio show and he said he wanted to one as well and Conscious-Tv was born with the help of DR. Agnews we landed on BBS Radio.

Join Tom and Ramon every Saturday @ 5pm Devra Jacobs Intuitive life coach

John, Michael, Mark and Daniel team up from North of the border to bring you a perspective from the globalist occupied country formerly known as Canada. Meeting each other years ago on the streets of Toronto engaged in information activism on the street level they have dove head first into alternative radio broadcasting in an effort to reach more people with their message.

Kenneth Webb is back with a weekly rap up of news and information!

Todays Show Saturday March 29, 2014: •Digital currency •Bankers & more.

In 1975, I suffered a career ending knee injury that shattered my Olmypic hockey dream, and left me in contant chronic pain. As I prayed for a return to a pain free life, two teachers provided my path to healing: T. T. Liang, a 5th generation Master of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, and Harold Humes, a student of Norbert Weiner who introduced me to the use of massage therapy and breathing exercises. The foundation for the White Buffalo hour is built around what I learned from these two outstanding teachers.

Although my road to an undergraduate degree at Harvard was a long one, from 1975 until 1995, during this time I was able to take graduate level course work in neurobiology, psychology, religion, and history of science. My clinical work in the field proved that Tai Chi Chuan, massage therapy, and breathing exercises brought instant relief to many who suffered from a variety of psychiatric conditions. These techniques verified Norbert Weiner’s hypothsis in his 1951 book, “The Human Use of Human Being” that improving the signal to noise ratio in the Central Nervous System would promote healing of the mind, and was the key to understanding and treating psychiatric illness.

Ancient Chinese texts concerning the mind/body paradigm of medicine lost much of their meaning during the Han Dynasty who burned all the books and introduced “needles” in the form of acupuncture as a replacement for massage, “the laying on of hands”. Needles were used to stimulate the “chi”, the vital energy that sustained life to bring the body and mind back into harmony with nature. Before the Han Dynasty the concept of Chi was translated as “Spirit”. The original esssence of the Ancient Chinese mind/body paradigm was that “the laying on of hands would return the “spirit” to the body.

What happens to the nervous system when it returns to “homeostasis” and the signal to noise ratio approaches infinity? The ancient Taoists text state if one masters the techniques one becomes like a child again. Jesus states that “unless one becomes like a little child again, one can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Is the similarity in the text, simultaneous discovery by different cultures or the transmission of knowledge with roots in Chinese Philosophy?

Ultimately medicine and religion are about philosophy, and who has the authority to control the message to the masses. William James believed that for a philosophy to be valid it must first be simple enough for the common man to understand it, and secondly it must recognize that man’s ultimate purpose is unity and international brotherhood. Can a medical model of enlightment provide the intellectual framework for freeing medicine from the chains of the Biological/Behavioral paradigm of man? What are the implicaiton for medical theory and religion as we try to repair the bridge set a fire with Darwin’s theory of evolution? Tune in to the White Buffalo hour and let your opinion be heard on these and other issues.

Today at 6 PM EST The White Buffalo Hour talks about the Tai Ping Rebellion in China in 1858. As we begin to ask the question, Is the american spring movement turning Christianity into a Salt Water Spring? and the role of the 1%, big business elite in using the Gospel as a means of controlling the sheep. Have a Blessed Easter weekend, and we will be back at you next week with more about the philosophy for a real american spring.

Welcome to the Harbour/w Tempest. News, views and interviews from Australia and around the world, covering the expansion of corporate control and globalization and the way to take back the basics of human life. To inform of the storm that rolls above us, and to provide a shelter from it. Information, inspiration and a smile or two. Welcome to all the weary sailors navigating the squalling seas of tyranny.

This week on The Harbour. Arthur Faram author of LaMerica will be stopping by to discuss gyoglypholoy and the hidden history of mankind.

The Stanch brothers, Jim and Jeff, look at current events, business, politics, and technology through the lens of independence to show the world that we can be great again through individual efforts.

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Jason Erb has been actively involved in the alternative research community since 2006 and has been writing for his blog, Exposing Faux Capitalism, since the start of the global financial collapse of 2008 and since 2009, has guest hosted other radio programs and has been hosting his weekly radio show since 2012. Jason covers economic, financial and political issues from a unique and uncompromisingly fact-based perspective, and isn't afraid to name names and say what's really on his mind, so that you can make informed decisions about what's really going on in the world.

Join Jason Erb every Saturday at 8 AM EST.

Sienna Lea, M.A. Psychology, is an author, speaker and wayshower who has spent the past 30 years travelling the world, and working with people to break their contracts with the dark side by exposing the hidden agendas of power and control buried deep within the Shadow Self. She has chronicled her own journey in a fascinating and unflinching book called Stealing the Moon; a creative work of nonfiction that exposes the archetypal dramas that have manipulated Humanity for a millenia. Sienna senses the collective awakening has advanced to the point of being ready for new level of personal responsibility and sovereignty, and is heeding the call to help midwife the Evolution of Humanity. Her work is on the cutting edge of the psycho-spiritual revolution.


Sienna received her master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Illinois, then founded Steppingstone, a center for human potential in California after completing her internship at the Marin Center for Intensive Psychotherapy where she trained as a Primal Therapist. After much trial and error, Sienna learned to integrate innovative approaches and genuinely unlock human potential without creating further trauma. In the years that followed, Sienna’s deepest answers came as she studied with her mentor, Ms. Aysha Love; residing for many outside the walls of a castle in Spain. Eventually she found herself teaching others how to heal from the traumas buried deep in the subconscious, and worked to untangle the noose from our collective enslavement. Sienna also worked at the Kingsgate Mental Hospital in New Zealand as a Psychologist, and at St. Luke’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona in the field of Energy Medicine, where she administered advanced biofeedback technology for pain and natural healing in a private practice. Sienna has since developed her own techniques for helping people explore the Deep Shadow Self both privately and publicly, and has hosted several internet radio programs to empower people toward humane and sustainable solutions by shining the light of clear perception on internal and external realities. Sienna is currently developing a workbook and online workshops to build awareness and further help facilitate the transformation of human consciousness with practical tools for authentic self empowerment. Her long term goal is to create an education and research center to will hold the space for identifying and integrating our individual and collective shadows. Sienna’s mission is to help Humanity gain real knowledge and processes to work on all levels of the mind, body and spirit to rediscover, reclaim, and reintegrate who and what they truly are.



Illuminating the Shadowland Synopsis


Illuminating the Shadowland is a radio show that empowers people toward humane and sustainable solutions by shining the light of clear perception on the internal and external manipulations by on-world and off-world agendas that affect all of our lives directly and and indirectly. Illuminating the Shadowland Radio Show and Shadowland Cyber Groups work synergistically to build awareness and offer tools for authentic self empowerment. We will research, educate and hold space for participants to gain real knowledge and processes that work on all levels to rediscover, reclaim, and reintegrate who and what they truly are.


How do we integrate the tsunami of information that is coming at us so intensely that at times we feel completely overwhelmed? Many internet programs expose hidden agendas, secret societies, extraterrestrial manipulations and so forth yet keep listeners feeling disempowered and in fear. That's where Illuminating the Shadowland comes in: We invite you to join the conversation of discovery as we hold the light of consciousness to the manipulations of on-world and off-world agendas that affect both our inner and outer realities, and illuminate a path of freedom as Free and Sovereign Beings. Through the process of owning our Shadow, we transcend the matrix of violence and control and embody freedom---not just as witnesses to opposing forces, but as our True Authentic Selves; responsible and empowered; thriving and vibrant; present in the moment, right now.


I welcome you to participate as we discover our true identities and extradite ourselves from the hidden agendas that hold us back. It is Our time now to stride with steady feet on our sovereign path to freedom. Let’s share and research on how we can tear off the blinders and pierce through the veils of illusion. It’s time to reveal the unseen forces that are right now manipulating each and every one of us. These beings on and off world have been having their way with us covertly for eons. Make no mistake: It is in their ability to manipulate through our unintegrated Shadow Selves that keep them victorious. It is what lies unowned in our own Shadowland that they find entrance into our energetic fields.


We stand at the end of a long and dark epoch, and an opportunity for sovereignty and self empowerment is unfolding. I am dedicated to holding the space to mature awareness and hone new skills to gain autonomy and authentic expression, and invite you to share this time as we explore internal and external realities and pierce through the veil to find newfound strength, truth, clarity, balance and joy. It is our time now. Humanity is awakening through the dream, and dismantling the mind control programming. I value your journey and honor you as a Creator of Universal Light and welcome you to join me each week as as we illuminate the Shadowland and reclaim our birthright as free and Sovereign Beings.


An alternative news break down of the mainstream media matrix and NWO agenda, covering a huge selection of topics ranging from corporate control of government to eugenics

Our radio ministry started right along with the rest of our outreach ministry. Servant Emmanuel, (as he likes to be called) had grown frustrated with the increasing number of attacks that he experienced while using FB. This prompted him to start the ministry’s social network; but not just any old thrown together social network. His vision was to have everything that the body of Christ would like to have, just as the other mediums had for the people of the world. With the help of the Holy Ghost, the social network was launched on January 3, 2011.He accomplished this with the help of the Holy Spirit because our minister’s computer training was not in software, but hardware. Thus, it had to be the Lord that inspired him to accomplish this feat with no formal training. This is where the vision for the radio ministry was revealed to him.

(James 4:17)Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth [it] not, to him it is sin. Please tune in at 6.AM PST 8 Central, Blessings and Peace to your Homes!!!

George Whitehurst Berry is a student of David John Oates,the legendary discoverer of Reverse Speech. For almost 5 years, George hosted the Crash! Are You Ready?! show on the Genesis Communications Network, where David John Oates was a regular guest. In addition, George conducted the most extensive series of interviews on the planet exposing the HIV/AIDS Scam: ..... and on Wild Food Foraging:

First Hour: Fine Art and Rare Coins are well known to the general public as superb long-term Collectibles. However, less well known is the phenomenal rise in interest in Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens. Discover a true Collector's passion - driven by the love of the hobby, and uncorrupted by hoards of telemarketers. Sheldon Smith - Vice-President of The Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collector's Club, Inc., discusses this exciting field. Second Hour: David John Oates & Reverse Speech

Hangar 18 is the weekly KTFRN hang - out where hosts can hang out, relax, get serious or silly. There is no set topics and anything goes! Some broadcasts may contain vulgar language. Listener discretion is advised!

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