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AIRED: 01-10-2017

Take a look in the mirror. This first episode featured special guest Brent Thomas from Paranormal Portal. We discussed the current events with the NATO build up along Russia’s border with the possibility of World War Three looming. We also discussed activism and the lack there of throughout the last decade with US wars and imperialism.

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AIRED: 02-14-2017

This episode will consist of news about Monsanto’s up and coming merger and how it will affect organic food. We also dive into the coming depression and the steps that we can take to mitigate the damage through food independence and urban and rural gardening along with stewarding our endangered pal The BEE. ...

AIRED: 01-31-2017

We dived into Hollywood and the elites connections and how they are part of the show to sow the seeds of division in the United States. We also talk about how empowerment of the common man and woman is the only solution to beating the mind pollution that the media and ruling elite are spewing...

AIRED: 01-24-2017

Episode 2 talks about water scarcity, pollution and corporate take over of the fundamental natural right of water. We discussed solutions with water independence through purification and cisterns (water collection). We also talked of solutions through boycott of Nestle products in general. The show also left with the notion of people power through collectivism setting...

AIRED: 01-17-2017