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    The Energy Show w/ Liam Scheff – Kubrick-mania!

    Fake Moon Rocks?? Lost moon footage? Van Allen hijinks? Circumcision? Kubrick-mania? And FRACK WHO? WHO CARES about global warming when the GOVERNMENT doesn’t care about it? We’re drooging it up on this episode as we take on all comers, joined by Sara Sotomayor of Sara’s Healing Journey – website:

    The Energy Show w/ Liam Scheff – Scientists Lie

    Science! It’s not a fun or pretty thing, as we’ve been told. Science is the priesthood that serves the petro-chemical and nuclear industry. If ‘science’ were interested in human health, they would be joining citizens in fighting these industries – but it’s only the outliers in the sciences who do. Science is a priesthood that […]

    The Energy Show w/ Liam Scheff

    The Energy Show" is where you come to discuss the changing world – Peak Oil, nuclear and more.  We live at the peak of the petroleum age, digging up every square mile of land for a little more oil. We're ruining our water, soil, air and land – but we won't stop. We've got a […]

    The Energy Show w/Liam Scheff-Science Says! GMOs! SEX!

    Tori Spelling, Fukushima, GMO, Science and Scientists. And sex, of course. We talk Jeffrey Smith, Dr. Michael Hanson, GMO Free Florida and more! What is science? We talk about the Petrol Priests and their discontents. And what’s the deal with these GM Mosquitoes!! Who¬† put Herpes in mosquitoes?? We’ll talk about in on this episode. […]

    The Energy Show w/ Liam Scheff – Fukushima Bonobos!

    Today at 1PM EST. Will Bonobos sex save us all from oil depletion, nuclear nightmares and global collapse? Tune in, turn on and stay tuned to find out! Special guests and more…

    The Energy Show w/Liam Scheff-Sex,CBD & Permaculture!

    Sex and Permaculture! Liam welcomes the women! Permacurl Girl, Thalia Michelle, brings a conversation about the booming permaculture movement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (of all places)! We talk rooftop gardens in NYC, and the prospect of Austin, TX feeding itself from permaculture. Liam discusses CBD (hempseed) oil or ‘cannabidiol,’ and its beneficial effects on his nervous […]

    The Energy Show – Do We Have A Trillion Barrels of OIl?

    Are we sitting on a trillion barrels of oil? Is Hemp the new chemotherapy? Is Time magazine shilling for Cannabis – or for patented chemical knock-offs? Is Fukushima talk allowed? Or will the Japanese government allowing anyone to talk? Joni Abbott swings by to talk about the Amish family now on the run (with their […]

    The Energy Show, James Dean,Fukushima, East of Eden,JFk

    Today on The Energy Show with Liam Scheff – Fukushima news in detail, Becquerel and Bananas (radiation terms and comparisons), James Dean, California’s central valley, good music and JFK – 50 year anniversary; we read from Official Stories Ch. 3. Tune in! website:

    The Energy Show w/ Liam Scheff – Reactor 4 Fukushima

    We’re joined for health talk with Colonel Klink (not real name, but real person) who talks about being an organic health food hero AND being in the US Military… Then Joni Abbott of Homegrown Health chimes in to talk Fukushima building 4 – and Monday’s commencement of massive insanity: website:

    The Energy Show w/ Liam Scheff – Death Takes a Holiday

    It’s a deep personal walkabout! We mock Doris Lessing (why?), talk up Paul Thoreau (why?), insult the cover of Esquire magazine (because!) Liam talks death and remembrance, process and perhaps even renewal. If it’s autumn, it must be Fukushima; the AIDS war. We spoof conventional talk radio formats, and take a variety of disturbing calls. […]