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    Dirty Harry Gets Called Out on Bribery

    Joe Joseph, Tempest and John King talk about the latest developments in the Cliven Bundy saga, and get into the origins of Easter. website:

    Ken Webb; Kevin Baker; and John Sinclair on “TFL”

    The Freedom Link 4/17/2014 website:

    The Freedom Link w/ Joe Joeseph

    Hosted by Joe Joseph and John King. Joe's been doing internet and terrestrial radio since 2008 and is dedicated to fighting corporate and government corruption that is running rampant in the world today. Joe is a veteran of the US Navy and still holds the oath he took very seriously.

    The Freedom Link w/ Joe Joseph

    April 15, 2014 website:

    Cliven Bundy and the REAL Reasons for the BLM Land Grab

    Joe Joseph, Tempest, and Dr. Jason Pujo discuss the BLM Nevada land grab. website:

    The Freedom Link w/ Joe Joseph April 10, 2014

    April 10, 2014 website:

    Why We Should Talk About Politics and Religion

    Joe Joseph and Tempest welcome Kev Baker from the Kev Baker show to the broadcast. website:

    Many Tripwires Await the American People

    Joe Joseph, Tempest Harbour and Dr. Jason Pujo discuss the many tripwires that are being put in place for American people. These are very exciting times. Thanks for listening. website:

    Teen Phenom Henna Hundal Advocates Good Health in Teens

    Joe Joseph and Tempest welcome Henna Hundal to the broadcast. It’s young people like Henna that give hope that the fight will continue with the next generation! website:

    The Freedom Link April 2, 2014

    Top News of the day website: