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AIRED: 10-25-2013

Tonight, we welcome back our friend and super-knowledgeable black magician E.A. Koetting to the broadcast to talk about the left-hand path, how to summon entities, and more.


website: becomealivinggod.com

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What is the scientific evidence for the existence of a “Great Flood” that caused worldwide destruction, chaos and death? Who was responsible for rebuilding human civilization after such a global catastrophe? What is ancient Britain’s role in Biblical history? Was Jesus of Nazareth really “Jesus of Britain”? Edmund Marriage discusses these topics and divulges new,...

AIRED: 08-13-2016

William White Crow recently joined Andrew D. Basiago as a participant in (and whistleblower of) the U.S. government’s Mars Teleportation Program ; However, there are more whistleblowers coming out of the shadows to tell their stories of not just teleportation, but time travel and the Mandela Effect, as well. Mark DiPrimo and Everett Sandoz allege...

AIRED: 08-12-2016

Did the Celts beat Columbus to the new world by millennia? How many other civilizations “discovered” the New World before modern Europeans? Archaeologist and author, Carl Lehrburger, uncovers the Secrets of Ancient America. In the first hour, Egyptologist Ahmed Osman attempts to answer the question of whether the Biblical Moses and Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten were the...

AIRED: 08-06-2016

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AIRED: 08-05-2016

Who was the Zeta Reticulan ‘guest’ of the US government in the bowels of S4 at the infamous Area 51? What secrets did scientists uncover, and what was he told about our future? Was the Ganesh Particle really the elusive ‘God particle’ so sought after, and was Project Lotus for Majestic 12 ever finished? Don...

AIRED: 07-30-2016

Is there any truth to the stories that Nikola Tesla worked to develop teleportation? Is time travel actually possible, and if so, what are the implications for our world and its’ inhabitants? What did Admiral Byrd find during his expeditions to Antarctica? Tim Swartz, author of The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction!,...

AIRED: 07-23-2016
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