Are Private Cities & Seasteading the Future? >>


AIRED: 05-14-2017

Are private cities the future? Are floating, mobile cities the next logical step in the evolution of human freedom? What role does agorism play in their formation? What are some of the challenges involved with these two potential, interrelated strategies?

I set out to answer all of those questions and more in this interview with Regan Keely!

Regan is a fellow contributor to The Conscious Resistance Network, as well as a blogger, poet, and videographer. She runs the website, Aethereal Self, she is a practicing agorist, and is also computer programmer/developer. Please enjoy, share, and let us know your thoughts!



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On this Mother’s Day edition of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I am joined by Kal Molinet of Liberate RVA to discuss a wide variety of subjects. We talk about the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, the deadly ramifications of this ideology being implemented, the Students for Liberty organization, Kal’s experience confronting the communists on May...

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On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, I’m joined by Derrick Broze. Derrick is not only an open agorist, but he has been building local alternatives to statist institutions since he helped found the Houston Free Thinkers in 2010; some of his successes include a bustling counter-economy in Houston, community gardens, workshops teaching others how...

AIRED: 05-07-2017

My path to anarchism and freedom was one filled with obstacles, wasted time, and a focus on failed strategies. That is, until I discovered direct action in late 2015. Not only do I want find the freedom I desire, I want YOU too, as well, and direct action provides the solution. And, since your time...

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When we listen to podcasts we love, it’s always nice to get an insight into the lives behind those who produce the content–they may be selling a product, providing a service (such as information/education/entertainment), or whatever, but it’s always nice to find out who you’re “buying” from, even if that price is not in monetary...

AIRED: 04-23-2017

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we are pleased to welcome the one-and-only Ben Stone to the program. We discuss his book and one aspect I disagree with him on (that is, peaceful parenting being a subset of agorism), why advocating for secession is not only worthless, but counter-productive, why killing government agents...

AIRED: 04-16-2017

In this inaugural broadcast on TFR, Shane tells you a bit about the show, provides a very brief introduction, and examines a set of freedom strategies that he finds to be the most promising. More specifically, he lays out the issues with living on land (i.e. taxes/regluations, contact with the bludgies, government ownership of land,...

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