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AIRED: 06-04-2017

Many folks have begun to see the value and potential of crypto-currencies, whether it’s in the pursuance of financial independence, personal freedom, or decentralization. Similarly, due to projects such as Dot-Bip, smart contracts, and more, people are beginning to see that blockchain technology could decentralize a lot of services used today and make them immune to government censorship.

All of that is great, but too often throughout history, governments seize technologies such as crypto-currencies and the blockchain and use them for their own nefarious ends. What does that mean for the future of these developments in crypto-anarchism? Are we to see a decentralized, freer future, or a future unfathomably authoritarian?

That is what Shane and Jason explore in this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio as they analyze two articles. Please enjoy, share, and let us know what you think.

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