AIRED: 03-17-2013

First Hour: In the first hour, our good friend Shepard Ambellas joins the broadcast to talk about the upcoming release of SHADE: The Motion Picture. The feature film, co-produced by himself and acclaimed documentarian, radio host and researcher Jason Bermas, has just the right blend of emotion, cinematic quality, and outstanding information about the globalists’ eugenics/depopulation/total control plan for the world.


website: shadethemotionpicture.com


2nd-3rd Hour: Freeman Fly, after a year-long journey on the road with his twin flame, Jamie, has finally returned to the show! We discuss a wide range of esoteric topics, including Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel, the weaponization of space, the new Pope, and much more! We also talk about the upcoming Weird Stuff magazine release, which is a must-read for anyone studying the esoteric or the occult!

website: weirdstuffmagazine.com

Note: Due to unforeseen technical difficulties and the extensive editing required, we will be unable to provide the videocast for download or viewing for the next few days. However, the audio is still available for download below.

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