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AIRED: 12-20-2016

We are joined by veteran UFO investigator Stanton T. Friedman, Frank C. Feschino, the author of “The Braxton Co. Monster” and the Rev Dr.Phil, psychic medium. What is the current status of UFO sightings in the world? What are the origins of these “beings/UFOs? Are these man made? Are these interstellar or interdenominational? Will there be disclosure anytime soon and why is this all such a secret? These questions and many more are asked and answered tonight on this episode of Phoenix Rising Radio.



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Is Trump the real deal or is he nothing more than a New World Order plant? We report on a few things tonight that seem to indicate that Trump may be following the “The Brzezinski Plan” for the New World Order. For the past generation NATO and the Pentagon have been following a strategy developed...

AIRED: 02-16-2017

Just when I thought Trump my be the real deal we get news on his stance about Crimea. Plus Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe news. Note: I will be hosting a special program soon with Bob Gilpatrick of Boomers on the facts and future of the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe. Listen in to hear about a strange statement...

AIRED: 02-14-2017

Bob Gilpatrick from Boomers Forever Young will discuss Cognitive Decline as we age. What is the latest on preventing and assisting decline in your memory, focus and problem solving ability. Plus…the action in Washington D.C. continues with the hypocrisy reaching a fever pitch! ...

AIRED: 02-09-2017

Join Phoenix and Dr Phil as they talk about current events and the extreme corruption in the United States government versus the light within we all possess. What is that inner light? How do we find it? Can it heal not only us but our world? Listen to find the answers to these and many...

AIRED: 02-07-2017

On Thursday 1/26/2017 Bob Gilpatrick from Boomers Forever Young discuses: Anti Aging Tips related to Programed Cellular Death and Tissue Regeneration. Join me as I give an update on the new United States President and talk of making marijuana legal nation wide! Also Bob Gilpatick of Boomers covers some new products they have come up...

AIRED: 01-26-2017

Join me as I call the Shot Heard Around the World temporal marker as complete! Also…I here by say that the profetic words of Baba Vanga were true as she declared that the last president of the United States would be the 44th president who would also be quote: “black man” end quote. Because the...

AIRED: 01-24-2017