Flight Instructor says we all fly over a Flat Earth? >>


AIRED: 10-06-2015

Flight Instructor states that we all fly over a FLAT EARTH.

Thanks again for having me on Mark.

I calculated what it would take for an aircraft to sustain a constant altitude above the ground while flying 100 miles away. If the aircraft is going 120mph (small piston aircraft like I fly) then it would need to do a constant decent at 133 feet per minute. If the aircraft was doing 360 mph (typical for small regional jets) then it would have to maintain at least 400 feet per minute.

A normal decent rate for a small aircraft is around 5-700 ft/min, and airliners are about 1000 ft/min. CLEARLY… we would notice the fact that we are loosing 100′ of al

Here is my exact calculation:
Aircraft flies 100sm along the surface of the earth (altitude in AGL is arbitrary). How

much angle, and what decent rate would be required to maintain a constant altitude above

the earth’s surface, assuming the given curvature of the earth (per modern science).

Distance Travelled = 100sm (528000 feet)

Altitude Loss = 6669 feet (per standard curvature formula)

Angle Required to maintain level = -0.72°

Feet Per Minute (120 mph) = 133 ft/min
Feet Per Minute (360 mph) = 400 ft/min

website: enclosedworld.com

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