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AIRED: 02-07-2017

Mark struggles as the phone lines fight him during the first segment, quite a few dead air breaks, but he powers through and redeems himself during the rest of the show. If you can bear with the gaps, the callers get quite good!




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AIRED: 05-23-2017

Mark has new equipment, so bear with him as he takes callers, then disconnects them, then drops the station, then reads email, more callers, more issues, and finally ends with the youngest Flat Earther at 8 years old! Frustration but mostly fun as the Flat Earth community showered the host with love and positive energy!...

AIRED: 05-16-2017

DITRH, otherwise known as deep inside the rabbit hole, joins Mark for the first 90 minutes to discuss the latest NASA travesties. We break down the ISS footage, the moon missions, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and everything that Flat Earthers need to fight the globalists! ...

AIRED: 05-09-2017

2017 seems to be quickly becoming the year of FE critical mass. Mark released a video showing another 9 non English speaking countries creating Flat Earth content, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. What will science do? Will Bill Nye actually be able to save the world from this massive anti intellectual...

AIRED: 05-02-2017

Mark takes calls the entire show as they break down Earth day and what scientism is doing to combat the current administration, as well as the growing Flat Earth army. Will Bill Nye and Neil Tyson be able to stem the tide against us? They can try. Do your own research, and ask questions! ...

AIRED: 04-25-2017

Mark takes to the phone lines and takes non stop calls from the great Flat Earth community. Not a single troll to be found! Great conversations are had as more people get into the movement! Don’t know what Flat Earth is yet in 2017? Tune in and find out! ...

AIRED: 04-18-2017