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AIRED: 02-14-2017

It’s official, the date has been set. November 9-10 in Raleigh North Carolina, the first International Flat Earth conference in 500 years! The lineup is amazing! Check out for all the latest details!



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Mark takes calls the entire show as they break down Earth day and what scientism is doing to combat the current administration, as well as the growing Flat Earth army. Will Bill Nye and Neil Tyson be able to stem the tide against us? They can try. Do your own research, and ask questions! ...

AIRED: 04-25-2017

Mark takes to the phone lines and takes non stop calls from the great Flat Earth community. Not a single troll to be found! Great conversations are had as more people get into the movement! Don’t know what Flat Earth is yet in 2017? Tune in and find out! ...

AIRED: 04-18-2017

Mark completes his 100th episode on Truth Frequency, and stays Flat! Calls come in from the US and Canada, sending well wishes and support for two great years of Flat Earth programming! A very positive session that shows why the FE community has no equal in the conspiracy world! ...

AIRED: 04-11-2017

Mark takes wall to wall calls on everything from a Mark Sargent impersonator, to the Flat Earth conference, to people running into community members by accident! FE is spreading like a virus, but in a good way, be part of it! ...

AIRED: 04-04-2017

Mark gets the phones back this week, and goes wall to wall calls with members of the Flat Earth community. Lots of good energy and information! Check out the Flat Earth conference coming in November! ...

AIRED: 03-28-2017

Mark speaks with Flat Earth International Conference promotor Robbie Davidson. They also talk about basketball legend Shaq coming out for the Flat Earth, and discuss the Eric Dubay interview by Eddie Bravo. A show full of info, so tune in! ...

AIRED: 03-21-2017