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    Gunman At Fort Hood & MH370 Diego Garcia Link?

    Tonight, Kev is joined by good friends John “Whistles” Sinclair & Marty (DJsNorthWest)as they cover the breaking story coming out of Texas where an active shooter has killed one person & injured 14 others. The shooter has been killed by police

    Lunatic Leaders Playing With Nukes at G7-1 In The Hague

    The leaders of the world are meeting at the G7-1 meeting in the Hague. They played out nuclear attack scenarios and reacted to different situations.

    Video Evidence Shows Russia May Not Have Invaded Crimea, After All

    According to The New York Times, EuroNews, and other mainstream outlets, Russia is invading Ukraine’s Crimea.

    Super Bowl Illuminati Symbolism – 33rd Day of the Year, on same Sacrificial Ley-Line as Sandy Hook

    This year’s Super Bowl is turning out to be quite cryptic in it’s symbolism.

    Man must repay $183,000 to Kochs after joining ‘Anonymous’ protest for one minute

    Man who joined an Anonymous online protest for one minute has been sentenced to two years of probation/ordered to repay $183,000 to Koch Industries.

    How Convenient – NYPD: Nairobi Mall Attackers ‘May Have Escaped’

    “It…clearly illustrates that armed assaults by terrorists on ‘soft’ targets are a simple, effective and easy to copy tactic,”

    How The Washington Post and The New Yorker Refused to Publish an Article on Obama Admin Syria Lies

    Seymour Hersh is not some guy off the street with a laptop and a head full of crazy ideas.

    False-Flag EMP Coming?

    “Shielding individual devices from EM radiation would certainly be possible, but much too expensive though”

    Texas police kill 2 pit bulls mauling man, daughter

    Police officers arrived at the home and found the man on the ground, no longer able to defend himself due to his injuries

    Ex-US Agent Claims Military Thwarted Obama False Flag Nuke/EMP Attack this Fall

    Can we believe it or is this just disinformation?