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    Chinese Police Rescue 382 Babies From Traffickers, Arrest More Than 1,000 Suspects

    Critics of China’s one-child policy say that it has fueled a rise in child trafficking.

    NGO Ulterior Motives Abound, But Freezing Child Video Touching, Nonetheless

    Even though the funds are probably going to a less-than-reputable cause, the moral of the story is the same

    Disagree With The Doctors, Lose Custody Of Your Child

    Even if these people get their child back, they will be forced to live in a nanny state, with the government constantly breathing down their necks.

    Who Was Al Goldstein? And What Is The Zionist Connection To Pornography? (Warning: Explicit)

    “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks.”

    Mom’s lawsuit says school strip-searched five-year-old daughter each day for weeks

    A school nurse strip-searched her daughter on a daily basis without her knowledge or approval.

    The Foxes Stand Guard Over The Henhouse: Pope Assembles ‘Experts’ To Address Child Sex Abuse

    Pope Francis on Thursday ordered the formation of a team of experts to address the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church

    Police rescue abducted child in Ghaziabad, arrest abductor

    A nine-year-old boy who was abducted on Sunday was rescued from Shalimar Garden here and his abductor arrested

    Eugenics Alive and Well In NYC – Doctors Didn’t Want To ‘Waste’ a Heart on Sick Boy

    The baby had a disease they believed would leave him with mental and physical disabilities

    FBI Probes Alleged Child Sexual Abuse at Fort Meade

    The Army says the FBI is investigating allegations of child sexual abuse at Fort Meade

    Early Puberty In Girls Linked To Obesity…Again

    Confirming previous research, a new study reports that early onset puberty in girls is linked to overweight and obesity.