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    Todays Show Monday January 20th 2014 •Iran Nukes •11K Declassified Docs Released •DHS • 1% •Da Hat & More.

    The Government Run Amok Edition of The Freedom Link

    Joe Joseph has the night off as John King and Jason Pujo cover a variety of current events. Could gun sales be poised for a sharp decline? An update on the ongoing conflict in Syria. Another Common Core failure. The ATF using individuals with low IQ’s to run entrapment schemes, and the NSA is spying […]

    Official Story Changes: Now, LAX Officer Dead Within Minutes of Shooting

    On November 15, LAPD came under fire for letting TSA worker bleed to death for over half an hour

    LAPD Lied During LAX Shooting, TSA Agent Lay Bleeding For 33 Minutes

    A Los Angeles Police Department officer told other responders the man was dead.

    TSA blows a billion bucks on unscientific “behavioral detection” program, reinvents phrenology

    10 years and $900M later, the TSA’s behavioral analysis program is a debacle.

    Things that have people questioning the LAX shooting

    There are several questions being raised by various individuals and groups regarding the official narrative of the LAX shooting.

    Did TSA know LAX attack coming?

    Agents trained for shooting at checkpoint, taught to ‘save themselves’

    L.A. Ontario Airport ‘October Drill’ Nearly Identical to LAX Shooting Scene

    Los Angeles Airport Police Department and the LAPD took part in an ‘active shooter drill‘ on Saturday, October the 2nd 2013 at L.A./Ontario International Airport.

    And….He’s Back From The Dead: LAX Shooter Emerges In “Critical Condition”

    Like the youngest of the Boston Marathon Bombers, the LAX Shooter – named as Paul Anthony Ciancia – seems to have escaped his brush with death.

    BREAKING: LAX Gunman Now Dead, Was Safely In Custody Just Hours Ago

    NBC is now reporting that the suspected gunman in today’s mass shooting at LAX is now dead