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    Shooting At Los Angeles Airport — TSA Agent Reportedly Shot, Suspect Captured

    Reports are now flooding in about an active shooter situation at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) this morning.

    TSA Runs Background Checks of U.S. Passengers Before They Arrive at the Airport

    The expanded screening now affects domestic travelers, and can include car registrations and employment information.

    Breast Cancer Survivors Forced To Pull Out Prosthetics, Show Them In Public During TSA Screening

    “She made me pull it out in front of the world. When I got upset, I was told to shut up. I have never been so humiliated in my life,”

    Ex-TSA Employee Who Made Terror Threats Is U.S. Military Veteran

    Nigerian-born TSA screener with U.S. military connections made terror threats suggestive of al-Qaeda’s Boko Haram group

    Denver’s Local Media Openly Propagandazing For Militarized Police State

    Two Denver local news articles that will make your stomach turn if you love freedom and liberty. Welcome to 1984.