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AIRED: 12-01-2016

Doc Marquis joins Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report: THURSDAY to discuss rituals and symbolism. Doc Marquis was raised as a child in the international, occult group known as the Illuminati. For 20 years he was trained as an Illuminist and attained the rank of Master Witch (a 3rd level Illuminati Witch).

Doc Marquis has appeared on and consulted for: 20/20, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Geraldo Rivera, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, Unsolved Mysteries, Closing Comments, Camp Town Meeting, Thinking Out Loud, Telejournal News, Stand Up For Your Rights, The Americanist Perspective, Where is Rhode Island, We the People, Talk of the Town, Fox Television, Keep Looking to Jesus, and more.


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