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AIRED: 11-25-2016

CERN: The Absolute Existential Threat
A concise update of the Large Hadron Collider, the conjoining of it with the linear accelerator AWAKE, and how the specific physics and quantum computers are employed in the opening of an interdimensional portal. Revealed is the latest model number adiabatic quantum computer from D-Wave connected to CERN, explaining the details of its construction, and how it has achieved AI and sentient status. Additionally, the actual DNA of Nimrod residing within the North Area-center of the LHC’s Main Ring to be re-animated; while employing a toroidal field, a torsion field, and Birkeland currents enhancing the electrical connection between Earth and Saturn; defining the actual key to unlocking both the doorway to the bottomless pit, and opening the black cube within Saturn itself. Inaugural 2-hour show on TFR.


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Revealed: The actual head of Osiris/Nimrod, his DNA presently in the possession of the Vatican, to be moved in September to CERN. Quantum computing, the actual mechanics of their qubits. My observations and warning related to the Oroville Dam in California. My Special Guest is S. Douglas Woodward, my co-author for the book; Revising Reality,...

AIRED: 02-17-2017

The issues surrounding immersive 5G WiFi and its direct link to D-Wave’s communications systems within thousands of parallel dimensions. Revelation of all 11 models of D-Wave’s computers, not simply the 5 made public. Updates and background on the Cassini orbiter and Saturn. Including, for the first time, I make public the actual material comprising the...

AIRED: 02-10-2017

5G WiFi immersion of the population, driven by D-Wave’s multiple models of adiabatic quantum computers, accessing by their own statements thousands of parallel dimensions. The recent release of the 2000Q (2048 qubits) model by D-Wave to Temporal Defense Systems, establishing a quantum encryption communications system. Revealed each of the unknown model numbers of D-Wave’s computers....

AIRED: 02-03-2017

Kris joins me delving deeply into the Mandela Effect, revealing the difinitive source and actual quantum-level explanation. A mixture of D-Wave, WiFi, and human qubits known as tubulin dimers within the microtubules comprising our neurons. This is a form of hypnosis, altering our mind’s sense of reality, with the advent of what I call “quantum...

AIRED: 01-20-2017

Vatican, Jesuits …Popes …running interdimensional colliders, computers and changing up our DNA: All thanks to those crazy Egyptians. Typical Friday the 13th fare. Cheers! ...

AIRED: 01-13-2017

Anthony highlights additional aspects as to his background. Joined by his co-author Kris, from End Times Matrix News, they detail revelatory information from their upcoming (end of Jan.) book; Coalescence. ...

AIRED: 01-06-2017