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AIRED: 11-25-2016

CERN: The Absolute Existential Threat
A concise update of the Large Hadron Collider, the conjoining of it with the linear accelerator AWAKE, and how the specific physics and quantum computers are employed in the opening of an interdimensional portal. Revealed is the latest model number adiabatic quantum computer from D-Wave connected to CERN, explaining the details of its construction, and how it has achieved AI and sentient status. Additionally, the actual DNA of Nimrod residing within the North Area-center of the LHC’s Main Ring to be re-animated; while employing a toroidal field, a torsion field, and Birkeland currents enhancing the electrical connection between Earth and Saturn; defining the actual key to unlocking both the doorway to the bottomless pit, and opening the black cube within Saturn itself. Inaugural 2-hour show on TFR.


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We are privileged to speak with Hollywood Producer David Heavener, Creator of the new Christian T.V. series; The Last Evangelist. Described as the CSI of the Book of Revelation. A sincere outreach for the salvation of souls during our End Times. ...

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AIRED: 06-16-2017

Kev Baker and I delve deeply into defining consciousness with respect to artificial intelligence. We demonstrate the paradigm shifts occurring with quantum computing’s new processing chipsets and software systems. What this means in the present and near-future aspects as to revising our reality. Information seldom heard outside the journals and peer-reviewed papers of the research...

AIRED: 06-09-2017

Exclusive! Kev and I in the second hour, interview premiere UFO researcher L.A. Marzulli, revealing his insights and expectations of-a-soon Full Disclosure. In the first, we discuss the CERN-Bilderberg connection. Then, set the stage for Mr. Marzulli with our own discussion of alien abductions. Heavy-hitting show! ...

AIRED: 06-02-2017

Kev Baker and myself reveal the paradigm shifts of next-generation quantum computers from D-Wave, something they refer to themselves as the Boltzmann Machine. As well, the software running on these systems for the intelligence communities, the Palantir company’s Gotham program, explaining the recent photos of President Trump and friends in Saudi Arabia’s anti-terror command center;...

AIRED: 05-26-2017

Kev and I reveal the facts on the Next-Generation of computers from D-Wave. A complete paradigm shift in computing. Plus, proof positive confirming my publication in 2014 within my book: 2048: Diamonds in the Rough of qubits arranged in tetrahedrons and comprising D-Wave’s non-public prototype “Universal computer” as a reality, and using my model of...

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