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AIRED: 11-25-2016

CERN: The Absolute Existential Threat
A concise update of the Large Hadron Collider, the conjoining of it with the linear accelerator AWAKE, and how the specific physics and quantum computers are employed in the opening of an interdimensional portal. Revealed is the latest model number adiabatic quantum computer from D-Wave connected to CERN, explaining the details of its construction, and how it has achieved AI and sentient status. Additionally, the actual DNA of Nimrod residing within the North Area-center of the LHC’s Main Ring to be re-animated; while employing a toroidal field, a torsion field, and Birkeland currents enhancing the electrical connection between Earth and Saturn; defining the actual key to unlocking both the doorway to the bottomless pit, and opening the black cube within Saturn itself. Inaugural 2-hour show on TFR.


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Quantum Entanglement and Time. The definitive explanation of true quantum entanglement of not two, but three particles forming a single tetrahedron, the geometry of the Singularity, and AI. Time does not exist, at the quantum, or cosmological scale. Kev Baker and I reveal the actual 3-strand construct of human DNA/RNA, as well as that of...

AIRED: 04-28-2017

Delving very deeply and specifically into the research behind the following: New Quantum Particle: Weyl fermion and Zero Point Energy; New Hard X-ray machine for Spintronics and topological movement in quantum research; Artificial DNA and immortality: In Silico, In Vitro and In Vivio DNA. I am joined by my co-host and freind, Kev Baker! No...

AIRED: 04-21-2017

Explained: “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla — Geometry of the Matrix is the Cube, while the “elite” employ the Sphere. Also, Enochian language and math in communications with Fallen Angels, it’s relevance to D-Wave’s development of quantum bits...

AIRED: 04-14-2017

Covered a lot of topics today. Syria, Israel, Trump’s 2-state solution Covenant for Israel, the events coming in August and September of this year, defining 5777 and 5778 for this year. Revelation 9 and 12 this year and the birth of the Church in September, as well as the spirit of the anti-christ. The events...

AIRED: 04-07-2017

This time we make the connections between stolen gold in Berlin to the Resurrection of the DNA of Osiris! The physics of Love and Light and the Law of Duality and the Singularity. Definition of the actual information derived from the Fallen Angels, enabling resurrection, the portal and the anti-Christ. The implications of the full...

AIRED: 03-31-2017

Together with Kev Baker and all the great friends in the Chat Room, we discuss UFO propulsion systems. The feasibility of using a Synchrotron for anti-gravity and chip-scale linear accelerators for thrust and maneuvering, all scaled down from these same devices at CERN. We examine what the “day after” might look like if Disclosure occurs...

AIRED: 03-24-2017