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AIRED: 12-11-2016

(British author RALPH ELLIS joins CHRIS EVERARD for a rip roaring re-evaluation of the Bible, and we conclude that the entire human race and hundreds of millions of Christians and Catholics have all been lied to! After two years of intensive study Ralph finally reveals his new book, that uncovers the truth behind Arthurian history – yes KING ARTHUR did not live in Britain – his CAMELOT was in the ancient near East! Have you ever wondered how and why King Arthur is missing from the archaeological record, and from much of the historical record too? Well now we know why. Building upon the evidence uncovered in the King Jesus Trilogy Ralph explains that Arthurian history is actually based upon Gospel history.

• The history of King Arthur was modeled upon the life of Jesus.
• Jesus-Arthur had 12 disciple-knights of Round (Last Supper) Table.
• The son of Jesus was the king of Palmyra in Syria.)


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