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AIRED: 03-15-2014

“Indefinite detention” strategies reminiscent of NDAA are popping up all over America as a way of silencing dissident voices. Today’s guest on the Covert Report is Carol Tovich Shuler. Her husband is Roger Shuler, a highly respected Alabama blog journalist. Shuler was beaten and arrested by Birmingham police in October, 2013. He’s been in police custody ever since, facing indefinite detention, because the Judge has ruled that Shuler will not stop blogging about corruption in Alabama State politics, if released. Shuler has refused to remove blog posts revealing that the ambitious son of a two-term Republican Governor, named Rob Riley, used $300,000 from GOP PAC moneys to pay for the abortion and hush money to his Mistress. Riley is married and a Deacon in his Southern Baptist Church. He’s also a virulent opponent of abortion rights for ordinary Alabama women. Former Presidential hopeful, John Edwards, faced Trial and possible imprisonment for abusing campaign slush funds to bring his mistress & their child on the campaign trail. There’s serious question as to whether Rob Riley’s conduct should be subject to a federal criminal investigation for abuse of campaign funds on the same grounds. Whatever you think of abortion itself, there’s question if Riley sought to conceal the use of campaign donations from Republican contributors, who most certainly would oppose the use of their donations to pay hush money for an extra-marital abortion. Articles on the hush money were published on LegalSchnauzer.blogspot.com. Carol said her husband is seeking donations to pay for an attorney.

I’d love to see Alex Jones cover this story! Roger Shuler is entitled to all the protections afforded any whistle blower. Instead, Americans see again that speaking Truth to Corrupt politicians is a dangerous occupation indeed. If all of us turn on the kleig lights, Roger Shuler should win his freedom.

website: www.legalschnauzer.blogspot.com/

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