AIRED: 11-05-2016

The Second American Revolution is in full battle-mode in the final weekend of the Presidential campaign!.Today’s guests, Scott Bennett & Michael Jay Anderson predict a dirty fight to the last hour, and warn that our resolve must be ferocious and unyielding in light of the pervasive fear eating at the Establishment, which is now fighting most desperately for survival. Above all, we will not concede on November 9. We will never bow to rigged voting machines based on corrupt polling data. We see a Landslide Victory as the force and weight of history throw up powerful opposition to the apathy, laziness and corruption of the entrenched Democrat elite. Change is coming to America now whether the Establishment supports us or not. This does not end until Hillary Clinton’s in prison. We talk about Lolita Island, Hillary’s failed coup on Monday and the Intelligence/FBI successful counter-coup on Tuesday. We’re so proud that a Few Good Men (and Women! inside the Government) said “HELL NO!, AMERICA WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SINK INTO CORRUPTION.” They are standing strong, having witnessed Hillary’s internal efforts to subvert Government agencies for her own Financial Profit and Power. This show is dedicated to them! Word on the Intel Street says “HILLARY WILL BE INDICTED” once a 6 month investigation is complete. That does not mean she’s going to sit it out in the White House! NO! WE THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING BACK OUR POWER Friends, I predict a Landslide Victory! “of the People, by the People, for the People!” This Victory will be Ours!”

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Today’s guest, Russell “Texas” Bentley comes Live from the Donetsk People’s Republic, formerly known as Eastern Ukraine, where fake hype over Russian collusion with President Trump is pushing the world closer and closer to World War 3. Once again, the globalists’ schemes are not going according to plan. Donetsk and Lugansk have established their own...

AIRED: 06-24-2017

Hysterics, mass delusions & crazy denial deluged Washington this week, as former FBI Director James Comey testified why Trump was right to fire him. What does the rest of America think?? Our guests today– Jim Fetzer, Michael Jay Anderson and Scott Bennett separate the American Heartland from the Democrat elite panting over Russia, despite repeated...

AIRED: 06-11-2017

Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Tony Gosling discuss how a wildfire of lunacy and hysterics broke free and consumed Washington & London this week. The arrest of nasty girl, NSA leaker “Reality Winner” from Savannah, Georgia smacks of Deep State MK Ultra. Election watchers know that up to this point, only the State of Georgia...

AIRED: 06-10-2017

Today’s guest is Francis Richard Conolly, discussing his second film in the work, the sequel to “JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.” portraying the rise of America’s Shadow Government. To make a contribution, go to:

AIRED: 06-04-2017

Calling it an “extraordinary aircraft safety threat,” from Shanghai, Charles Shi blows the whistle on a Chinese aircraft supplier, which has installed non-aerospace grade materials in the Flight Control Systems of 500 Boeing and Airbus aircraft sold to commercial airliners including British Airways and Lufthansa. But 19 planes were sold to the U.S Navy. The...

AIRED: 05-28-2017

Democrats gasped in glee when GOP Congressional candidate, Greg Gianforte shoved a tabloid “reporter” the night before Montana’s special election. When the Montana Rodeo dust cleared, Gianforte was the Last Man Standing. Like so much of what Democrats misunderstand about America, this was never about health care reform. Today’s guest Cyrellis Geibendach talks about the...

AIRED: 05-27-2017