AIRED: 04-15-2017

Today’s guest is V.A whistleblower, Tarref Simon who discusses serious water contamination problems at the Michael Debaskey Medical Center in Houston, which serves 130,000 veterans and employs 4,000 medical staff. This deserves a full scale Congressional investigation! Dirty water, broken pipes, backed up sewage drains– it’s all part of the Veterans Care package in Houston. Veterans are starting to die in care, while the VA removes complaints and notifications from building staff warning about poor conditions and broken equipment. Before the Feds spend one more dollar on Lockheed Martin’s latest military toy, they had better get serious about health care for the soldiers shipped out to fight our Wars!

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The force of the Universe rained hell on Washington this week! From night to morning, Democrat fantasies of impeaching Trump exploded like a dud IED. Suddenly “awake” Americans realized we’ve received a precious opportunity in the most unlikely source, Bob Mueller, to strike a death blow to corruption in Washington, as pushed by Democrats over...

AIRED: 05-21-2017

A blockbuster interview with Jim Fetzer, opening with revelations that hero Whistleblower, Seth Rich was ALIVE at the hospital & expected to survive the shooting in Washington DC on his way home from an FBI interview into his connections to WIKILEAKS. Hospital staff have come forward to say that police ordered them to stop all...

AIRED: 05-20-2017

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AIRED: 05-14-2017

President Trump made his boldest move yet to drain the swamp by firing FBI Director James Comey! Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson show why Comey was one of Washington’s biggest swamp rats who ran a strategic defensive line blocking the prosecution of massive Democrat corruption. Whether it was Hillary Clinton’s criminal mishandling...

AIRED: 05-13-2017

Count on TFR host, Elizabeth McCabe on “Quantum Connections” to get the real facts about Trump-Care! Over 20 MILLION Americans have no access to health care at all under ObamaCare, including both of us! So our Fearless Lucky did something no corporate media has done: She read the House Health Reform bill— and guys, there’s...

AIRED: 05-07-2017

Dr. Rima Laibow M.D. from the Natural Solution Foundation is much admired as a Health Freedom activist. Today, Rima discusses her own courageous fight over medical treatment & nutritional decisions in the care of her dying husband, Gen. Bert Stubblebine. For a woman who has dedicated her entire life to non-toxicity in medical interventions, our...

AIRED: 05-06-2017