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AIRED: 10-26-2016

A pleasure having the dynamic team of Lucky and Star share the show with us. Star (Sharon) reading her cards for Lichtielass (Claire) and visa versa made for an enjoyable time listening to the ladies. It was a Joy having Joy add the Joy to my life. We, in my opinion were the focus of those in other realms watching us as The Reality Earth Show continues on their local monitoring and musing stations. It did my heart good to hear how we made the show a most Happy Birthday.for our Star the Oracle.

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website: theearthcode.com

website: theearthcode.com

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Leo certainly is on top of the news of the ever so slowly orchestrated take over of our civilizations by a death cult and by no means a religion. Yes, what Leo says is quite scary, but so is the truth about aliens and even our own government aka elite run by aliens. Fear porn...

AIRED: 06-21-2017

Once you’ve opened your eyes and see the true world we live in and on, is in a neighborhood full of life of all species of intelligent beings, then perhaps you can understand the role you play. Derek Tyler fills us in on just how incredibly, most of us are kept in the dark about...

AIRED: 06-19-2017

Such a great interview with officer Alex as he uses his investigative talents in helping those of us whom are awake in seeing the clues which will awaken your senses to see just how you might be, being played like a fool. Alex also describes in great detail exactly how to beat a traffic citation...

AIRED: 06-14-2017

Six months ago Star the Oracle accepted a wedding proposal from Stefan Gray live on our show. Stef is flying in to be with Star this coming Wednesday. I thought it only appropriate to have him on tonight’s show. Stef, as he likes to be called, is such an interest person and has experienced so...

AIRED: 06-12-2017

Dr. Randy Short is one of the most brilliant guests I have ever interviewed when it comes to corrupt politicians and a great sense of humor about the whole ball of insane wax. One might call him an angry black man and they’d be right, but he is angry at his own race of politicians...

AIRED: 06-05-2017

James Fetzer let’s no detail go uncovered when it comes to false flags and the truth behind all the news of the day. It is such a pleasure and honor to talk to and learn from such a great gentleman.and scholar. ...

AIRED: 05-31-2017