End of Trump, Market Crash & WW III +NBA Finals >>


AIRED: 05-17-2017

In this episode, we cover the planned early end of the Trump presidency, which could happen as soon as June 3, 2017. We also take on the planned market collapse,
with the casino manager in chief. On top of that, we take apart ‘WannaCry’ and the World War predictive programming. And for good measure, I brag about how I called Celtics, Cavs and 117, the opening night score of Game 1 of the ECF.

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In this show we tackle a number of hot topics- Chris Cornell’s death and the August 21 solar eclipse, the Manchester Arena false flag at the Ariana Grande concert, Donald Trump’s 911 reunion tour including Saudi Arabia; Jerusalem and the Vatican, the NBA Finals ahead and more. We also take your calls and consider some...

AIRED: 05-24-2017

Your federal government is theater in motion, a true puppet show, orchestrated by the numbers, and the firing of James Comey by Donald Trump on May 9, 2017 is a crystal clear example of this fact; so is Hillary Clinton speaking out a week earlier, May 2, 2017, blaming the FBI for her election loss,...

AIRED: 05-10-2017

Jake Dick Butt and Hillary Clinton, they have more in common than you know. And did somebody say Pizzagate on the 10-year anniversary of the disappearance of Madeliene McCann? Find out how those two stories fit together like peas in a pod, or like a “Jake Dick Butt”, what I hope becomes a well known...

AIRED: 05-03-2017

Have you noticed a number of references to Batman in recent false flags (manufactured media tragedies) in the time since the Dark Knight Rises, Summer of 2012, up to the present? If not,there’s a very dark riddle at play, and it has much to do with the masonic order Skull and Bones, and its relationship...

AIRED: 04-26-2017

Bill O’Reilly’s fired and he’s meeting with the Pope! Trump’s sending warships to North Korea! There’s a homicidal maniac in Cleveland and Fresno! It’s Blackhawk down in Maryland! Aaron Hernandez is dead in his prison cell, the same day the Patriots are at the White House! And in Episode 33, we’re breaking it all down...

AIRED: 04-19-2017

Will we see a World War of the 21st Century as war is presented in the film Wag the Dog? We might. In this episode we talk about all that and more, including the death of Charlie Murphy, the world of rigged professional sports, and where celebrity sacrifice and sports championships (rituals) intersect. We also...

AIRED: 04-12-2017