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AIRED: 01-30-2017

Native Americans NeSe and William Whitecrow’s Voices From Afar are shard with us as they speak of the treatment of the military as they enter the ranks and after they become veterans. The discussion also turns to the government’s evil attempt to keep cannabis from being used for all its beneficial uses.



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Emily Moyer of OffPlanet radio joins us for a most interesting conversation about mind control being used against the people of the world which are not awake to such practices in an effort to defeat their efforts to keep us locked into the Matrix. ...

AIRED: 05-22-2017

Solveig Staal shares a heart breaking story of her battle with the Child Protective Services (CPS). This whole battle started as Solveig was labeled a Holocaust denier and her battle as a crusader for the Palestinian people and their plight caused by the Zionists. Please send prayers for Salveig and her daughter. ...

AIRED: 05-17-2017

Kate shares her experiences with us of encounters of the 3rd kind and the effects it’s had on her life and her mission to enlighten people to a new system of direct democracy and her mission to plant the seed of a more perfect way of the soul and peace in our world. Special thanks...

AIRED: 05-15-2017

A very special guest and interview with: JOHN DESOUZA (X-Man) The nickname stuck with him. was an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years and collected the real life “X-Files.” John DeSouza unravels mysteries that elude investigators restricted to the purely material world. The truth of the paranormal revealed itself to the author through his...

AIRED: 05-10-2017

Joined by William Whitecrow and Johnathan Macedo we discuss finding the peace and calm in ourselves so we may be centered at the time of crossing to the other side. We were Joined by Stefan Gray (Star’s Betrothed) as a caller as he shared his after death experiences with us. Have no fear, death is...

AIRED: 05-08-2017

Marie joins us to to share her vast knowledge having written 17 books and is in the process of having two more books published. Her background covers from science to the paranormal and many subject in between. ...

AIRED: 05-01-2017