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AIRED: 08-30-2015

Illegal immigration and Anchor Babies may bring 100 million Americans to the polls, but unless a president can be found who can live long enough to legally take this shadow government apart, there will be no peaceful recovery of the Republic. History lessons are great for campfire discussions, but unless someone gathers up the hundreds of millions of slaves and openly rebels against the system, there is no hope for freedom and liberty. I pray for this strong leader to come forth, because history of rebellions is replete with arbitrary beheadings. Unless all Americans are willing to cut up their credit cards today, I see no way out of this slavery.

By the way, the largest owner of American debt is not China. It is the very Federal Reserve that was created in 1910 and fully empowered to own America in 1932 by FDR.

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Democrats have hung, shot, and beheaded President Trump since before Inauguration Day. They stab him to death before a live audience on a nightly basis, and thus have succeeded in driving their voter base insane. Armed with a .223 assault rifle and a written list of Republican Freedom Caucus Congressmen, one of the faithful Democrat...

AIRED: 06-18-2017

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AIRED: 06-11-2017

Our president, and make no mistake about that, has led America and its taxpayers away from the third world piranha who want only to pick America’s flesh to the bone. Socialism works great until you run out of someone else’s money. President Donald Trump showed tremendous leadership when he led America away from the lunch...

AIRED: 06-04-2017

James Comey is the shape shifting official that provided legal cover for the Clinton Crime Syndicate for more than a decade. He put out the fires threatening to burn President Clinton when he pardoned Marc Rich, the billionaire who paid the Clinton’s millions for the pardon. He presided at Lockheed Martin when Hillary fed billions...

AIRED: 05-28-2017

Special Council Robert Mueller has been assigned to sniff out the facts and make the case, if there be any, as to Russian involvement in the 2016 election. He is the former FIB director and empowered to follow any lead any where it might point. Very shortly, he is going to step onto the Clinton...

AIRED: 05-21-2017

There is only one place to get men of integrity; that is from boys of integrity. For 109 years, the best place to build a boy of integrity was the Boy Scouts of America. Then, the LGBT terrorist litigation finally destroyed the oldest and largest boy’s club the world has ever known. This week, the...

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