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AIRED: 01-01-2017

The United States pays 22% of the total UN budget. What we get for our $3 billion a year is a corrupt organization whose dysfunctional and hostile agencies are united in opposing us around the world.
The United Nations does only two things consistently and effectively: waste money and bash Israel. Sometimes it manages to do both at the same time.
It is time to evict the UN and make their building into a hotel. Tune in. Get squared. Go forth fearless.

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My guest tonight is Brigitte Gabriel. She is an American conservative journalist, author, political lecturer, anti-Islam activist, and founder of two non-profit political organizations, the American Congress For Truth and ACT! for America. She is the world’s best authority on Islam and its tactics and goals. She explains how an ideology of murder and the...

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AIRED: 06-18-2017

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James Comey is the shape shifting official that provided legal cover for the Clinton Crime Syndicate for more than a decade. He put out the fires threatening to burn President Clinton when he pardoned Marc Rich, the billionaire who paid the Clinton’s millions for the pardon. He presided at Lockheed Martin when Hillary fed billions...

AIRED: 05-28-2017

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AIRED: 05-21-2017