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AIRED: 11-03-2016

Sarge starts the show talking about the upcoming elections and how the results are likely to effect health care in the U.S. for the next several years. He’s joined in the 2nd Hour by Vaccine Rights Attorney, Alan Phillips. We continue the look at the elections and the fact that Hitlery is pro-big pharma and pro-mandatory vaccination and Donald Trump is not. For many – that should be enough to decide on how to vote. We then move on to the movie ‘Vaxxed.’ Check out – this movie should be viewed by every parent who has a child between the ages of birth to 18 years.



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Sarge opens the show by discussing the upcoming vote on ‘Obamacare-Lite’ also known as ‘Ryan-Care, RINO-Care and Obama-Care 2.0’ and the fact that it’s not what we elected Congress or President Trump to pass! It’s bad news all around! At the bottom of the first hour Sarge is joined by Paul Kroto to discuss the...

AIRED: 03-23-2017

With all the talk about ‘fake news’ going on I thought I’d talk a little about ‘Fake Healthcare,’ you know, like the big facilities that have the name “XYZ Healthcare Center” above the door that push drugs and surgery the ARE NOT HEALTHCARE – they’re disease management and symptom suppression! You’re not healthier when you...

AIRED: 03-16-2017

Sarge opens the show with a chat about M.D. Madness and some articles in the news. During the second hour Sarge is joined by John Kacarab, Cathie Bailey and William Portillo discussing the Bitcoin phenomenon, Gladiacoin. This is an awesome new system that doubles your bitcoin in 90 days OR LESS! It works and makes...

AIRED: 03-09-2017

Sarge opens the program by discussing the insanity that is going to an M.D. for a chronic health issue. He then covers several news items dealing with vaccines and their negative effects on those to whom they are administered. He takes a call from a man in California who is on the Youngevity products and...

AIRED: 03-02-2017

Sarge opens the show by discussing the Clinical Nutrition Diet Protocol (AKA 12 Bad Foods) in depth. It’s possible to clean up your diet and get started on the road to healing without spending a lot of money just by stopping the bad foods! In hour #2 we shift gears to Gladiacoin – a new...

AIRED: 02-23-2017

Sarge starts the program off by discussing Type II Diabetes and the fact that 29.1 Million Americans have it and 1 in 3 Americans are considered ‘pre-diabetic’ and most aren’t even aware of it! Sarge goes on to discuss things in the news including articles about Thimerosal (mercury) and other heavy metals in vaccines, At...

AIRED: 02-16-2017