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AIRED: 04-13-2017

Sarge opens the show discussing vaccines and Ty Bollinger’s video series “The Truth About Vaccines” that has a new episode for seven nights in a row beginning last night (4/12). Each new episode runs for 24 hours until the next episode comes online. Check this link:
At the top of Hour #2 Sarge is joined by John Kacarab and Cathie Bailey for an update on the ASW Debit Card and Gladiacoin.


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Sarge opens the show with a discussion on health in general and prevention vs treatment. He talks about salt being necessary for good health and carbonated beverages and alkaline water are not good to drink with meals or within and hour before or after. He’s joined in the second hour by Vaccine Rights Attorney, Alan...

AIRED: 04-27-2017

Sarge begins the program by discussing the fact that yesterday (4/19/17) was “Patriot’s Day,” the 242nd Anniversary of “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World.” Our founders are probably rolling in their graves over what’s happened to the country they started so long ago; especially in the field of Health Freedom. With mandatory vaccines for school...

AIRED: 04-20-2017

IT’S MY 100TH LIVE SHOW! I started the program discussing true health vs being ‘symptom free.’ At the bottom of the first hour Sean Caron, host of Awakening Liberty, joins me to discuss the Youngevity products and business opportunity. As usual, we ran through 1 1/2 hours so fast it made our heads spin. We...

AIRED: 04-06-2017

Sarge opens the program by discussing a little known, but very debilitating condition known as Rhinitis Medicamentosa, or commonly known as ‘rebound congestion.’ I’ve had to deal with it 3 times in my life, the last one being a five year stretch of misery from 2008 – 2013! During that time I was never without...

AIRED: 03-30-2017

Sarge opens the show by discussing the upcoming vote on ‘Obamacare-Lite’ also known as ‘Ryan-Care, RINO-Care and Obama-Care 2.0’ and the fact that it’s not what we elected Congress or President Trump to pass! It’s bad news all around! At the bottom of the first hour Sarge is joined by Paul Kroto to discuss the...

AIRED: 03-23-2017

With all the talk about ‘fake news’ going on I thought I’d talk a little about ‘Fake Healthcare,’ you know, like the big facilities that have the name “XYZ Healthcare Center” above the door that push drugs and surgery the ARE NOT HEALTHCARE – they’re disease management and symptom suppression! You’re not healthier when you...

AIRED: 03-16-2017