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AIRED: 05-19-2017

Another inspiring show w/Co Host Brent Winters. As usual we covered a lot of wide & diverse ground ripe for discussion & analysis. Brent & I took the 1st hour and discussed different topics & concepts. Founding concepts and structures and how those have been altered and changed to suit the ‘agenda’ being pursued. 2nd hour started talking calls. Doug called to clarify the definition of a word that came up in our discussion, “niggardly” and the example in D.C. of the stigma attached to that word that is properly defined as: Defn: “A person meanly close and covetous; one who spends grudgingly;
a stingy, parsimonous fellow; a miser. Chaucer.” Russ joined us with an Affidavit question as well as our newer students/listeners Eric & Naim. Another powerful Friday show.


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Tom Schramm was out of town on ‘bubbles business’ today so we ‘went it alone’! Added some callers and questions to fill out the time. Attempted twice to call Chris Cave at his ‘internment center’ but was unsuccessful on both counts. We will continue to try to get Chris on the air via this ‘call...

AIRED: 05-23-2017

We got the usual gang together again today for our Monday gathering. One thing continues to come to me as we go forward in this endeavor/enterprise and that is this thought, “the Lord has led us to some very green and bountiful pastures.” We are SO very fortunate to have this Glaciacoin and entire cyber...

AIRED: 05-22-2017

It has been way too long since we had Glenn Ambort on the program. At the urging of caller Robert we got Glenn scheduled today. I wanted to get more of Glenn’s read overall as opposed to the intensely complicated IRS material that he usually deals with, more of an ‘uncomplicated’ view. We got to...

AIRED: 05-18-2017

With no conflict this week Michael Gaddy was back w/us today in his regular Wednesday slot. I started the program off with just a general line of comments comparing the uproar we see from our ‘traditional adversaries’ revolving around Donald Trump’s Presidency. The absurd issues, ranting, ravings, accusations and innuendos of the “Barabites” as we...

AIRED: 05-17-2017

Well, we got Tommy back off the road this week and back on the program. Wanted to go over Tom’s “Affidavit of Traveling” and discuss it. Didn’t plan for it to take the entire show but that is what pretty much ended up happening today. Lots of side discussion on different aspects of this entire...

AIRED: 05-16-2017

It appears our recent switch to Monday’s being all about this developing space is not pretty permanent! Expanding our Gladiacoin emphasis to an overall shift into all aspects of this change which is greatly accelerating! We will do our very best to not only discuss but be ‘in front of’ this rapidly changing space that...

AIRED: 05-15-2017